18 March 2010

Laughing Owls - Bad Knees

This isn't exactly typical for music i post here, but then again...
Laughing Owls is Meagan Day, who now makes music as Wisdom Tooth. Meagan Day makes quiet solo acoustic music. This album is 23 short songs, and i think it was recorded on a Macbook. I find it all very endearing, and the songs range from the good to the superb. I have a soft spot for homemade, DIY music.
So i can't guarantee this is for everyone, but i don't think one single album i've posted has been for everyone.
Except me.

Standout songs include "medical district song", "miles away (response)", and "when i went to the coast".

Oh this album is available for free on her last.fm as well.

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  1. You forgot two songs: Fishing and Brave, Good, Honest