25 February 2010

Attica! Attica! - Napalm and Nitrogen (2009)

Attica! Attica! is Aaron Scott and friends. This album was posted for free (donations encouraged) on his website (http://atticaattica.org/), to support him as he tours the East Coast of the US via bicycle.

Napalm and Nitrogen is a folk-punk album. Like Sundowner mixed with Mischief Brew, singing songs about people and wanderlust. The album kinda took me by surprise by being different from and better than i expected. He is quite a talented singer and theres a piano ballad or two to break up the folk-punk!

On another note, i am moving this weekend so probably won't find time to post. Not that anyone gives a shit but if anyone is thinking "that asshole usually posts 3 or 4 albums every weekend, whats goin on here" it is because i am hauling furniture around. I'll be back unless i explode or get lost or eaten or something i dunno.


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