03 October 2009

Dirty Three - Ocean Songs (1998) & She Has No Strings Apollo (2003)


I used to like instrumental post-rock a lot. Now I mostly don't. I do, however, still love the Dirty Three. They're an Australian band who differentiate themselves from the legions of cloned post-rock bands by the absolutely stunning violin playing of Warren Ellis (also known for his long association with Nick Cave, including working with him on the soundtrack to The Assassination of Jesse James).

I bought a violin in an attempt to be as awesome as Warren Ellis, but it hasn't worked yet as I am godawful at violin.


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  1. Needs more love for Jim White's incredible percussion skills and Mick Turner's unique guitar-sound which has gone on to influence an entire generation of Australian musicians.

    I wholly recommend checking out mick turner's solo work, as well as his collaborations with the Turner brothers.