13 September 2009

The Dead Brothers - Dead Music For Dead People

1. Dead Brothers Stomp
2. I've Always Known
3. Farmer Boy
4. Besame Mucho
5. Roger
6. She Collects Postcards
7. Panjo Villa Against Tarras Boulba
8. Crying
9. Hora
10. Allons aux Paquis
11. Somewhere Between Dog and Wolf
12. Buy It
13. Good Time Religion
14. Orally
15. Ramblin' Man
16. Dead Brothers Stomp (Reprise)

Oh hi I haven't posted anything in a while. Hopefully I can get a few in today if Mediafire will cooperate.

The Dead Brothers are a bunch of guys with accordion, tuba, trombones, a megaphone... It's a very Tom Waits-y blues/cabaret/folk/country/polka/jazz thing. It's a little too weird in some places but really cool and interesting for the most part.


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