13 September 2009

The Broadways - Broken Van (2000)

1. Floundering
2. Not Necessarily the News
3. 2nd Grade Cells
4. One Man Board of Directors
5. Natural Disaster
6. Under My Belt
7. It Was Pancho Villa
8. T.V. Song
9. Broadway and Briar
10. Rainy Day
11. I Think I Shall Never See...
12. What Happened?
13. Lake Michigan
14. Dropjaw
15. This Routine

The Broadways were around from 1996-1998, after which bassist/vocalist Brendan Kelly and guitarist/vocalist Chris McCaughan formed The Lawrence Arms. Broken Van was actually released after they broke up, and is a collection of unreleased material and songs from their EP's.

The Broadways are somewhat like Jawbreaker, or (obviously) The Lawrence Arms.


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  1. Hey man thanx for posting this ive been looking for this one for ages.