03 September 2009

Blind Willie Johnson - The Complete Blind Willie Johnson (Disc 1)

1. I Know His Blood Can Make Me Whole
2. Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed
3. It's Nobody's Fault But Mine
4. Mother's Children Have A Hard Time
5. Dark Was the Night - Cold Was the Ground
6. If I Had My Way I'd Tear the Building Down
7. I'm Gonna Run to the City of Refuge
8. Jesus Is Coming Soon
9. Lord I Just Can't Keep From Crying
10. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning
11. Let Your Light Shine on Me
12. God Don't Never Change
13. Bye and Bye I'm Going to See the King
14. Sweeter as the Years Roll By

I have a thing for music from long-gone time periods. Blind Willie Johnson (1897-1945) is a perfect example. Prewar blues mixed with depression-era gospel music, this type of music has a special place in my library. His voice and slide guitar technique are just superb. Worth noting that this comes from a time when blues musicians really had hard lives:
"Johnson was not born blind... when Willie was seven his father beat his stepmother after catching her going out with another man. The stepmother then picked up a handful of lye and threw it... into the face of young Willie.
Johnson remained poor until the end of his life, preaching and singing in the streets of Beaumont, Texas... In 1945, his home burned to the ground. With nowhere else to go, Johnson lived in the burned ruins of his home, sleeping on a wet bed. He lived like this until he contracted pneumonia two weeks later, and died."
--from Wikipedia
This is the first disc of a 2-disc set I bought on a whim from Cash Converters in grade 11. It outlasted many other CDs I bought in grade 11, I can assure you.


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