23 January 2010

Mac Lethal - 11:11 & The Original 11:11 Sessions


So! Mac Lethal is a hip-hop artist from Kansas City, MO. Here i have two albums. Despite their similar names and a few shared songs, the albums are actually very different. Both albums are certainly worth checking out, both together as a comparison and independently on their own merits.

11:11 is an album with a more typical hip-hop instrumentation and arrangement like Sage Francis or Cecil Otter. He clearly draws influence from a lot of non-hip-hop sources but manages to make an incredible hip-hop album nonetheless.

The Original 11:11 Sessions, despite the name, doesn't seem to me to have much in common with 11:11. It takes a more Buck 65 (circa Secret House Against the World) interpretation on hip-hop, blending folk influences and more physical instrument recordings (including acoustic guitars), while still making an undeniably enjoyable and distinctive hip-hop album.


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