08 September 2012

Mr. Denim - At Least We'll All Be Dead Soon


Mr. Denim is a band. I know nothing about them except that they are a cool two-piece folk-punk band sort of similar to early (acoustic) Andrew Jackson Jihad. Diggin it, diggin it. Also they are from Chicago.

UPDATE: After i posted this the first time, I got an email from Tyler Crain of Mr. Denim, who was already a reader of my blog! I got a little more info on the band:
"I write to you today, at this ungodly hour, mostly because I flipped shit when I saw that you posted Mr. Denim. I know that band, because I am one half of that band. My good buddy Janusz Gal plays double bass, and I play guitar and yell."
He is a really nice dude and I have been listening to this album a lot since I posted it. It really rules so you should all check it out. Every song is fantastic, perfect folk-punk.
Check it out via the bandcamp link for now because as noted below i got a bogus DMCA claim from some jerkwad who does not own this music. Also check out their other albums on their bandcamp page!


07-Sept-12 : So amusingly, i got a DMCA takedown notice on this album even though i have the express written consent of the owner/creator of this album. Fighting mediafire on it, hold tight.

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