18 March 2012


I somehow neglected to post about RVIVR in the time i have loved this band. The reason for that is that i have a totally made-up popularity metric which is based mainly off last.fm listening stats. RVIVR has a lot of plays, but not many listeners! So that should tell you a lot about how rad they are if a small amount of people are listening to them all the goddamn time.

RVIVR is a band from Olympia, WA, composed of members of Latterman (i love Latterman), Shorebirds, and some bands from Rumbletowne Records that i just learned about and now will have to explore. 

Anyway this is super awesome pop-punk in the neighbourhood of Latterman, but is ultimately quite a different entity. Really awesome, high-energy pop-punk. This is their only full-length to date, but they have some EP's and a collection album available on the Rumbletowne website

Available for streaming/free download/purchase/donation at http://www.rumbletowne.com/rtr/rtr-releases/RTR-009


  1. You forgot Iron Chic. They're the best band to come out of the Latterman breakup.