27 December 2009

The Rebel Spell - Days of Rage

My hard drive was corrupted or something, killed my OS and would not boot. It took me several days (i'm a busy/lazy man) to get my computer back in running order. Fortunately, i back everything up regularly so i still have my treasured music collection. A minor setback which i am sure the collective you does not care about. Sarah tells me she reads these, i think most other people just pass through via google to look for album links and don't read my little writings. You're missing out!

The Rebel Spell is a pretty awesome punk band from Vancouver. If you enjoy Knucklehead you would likely enjoy this. Conversely, if you enjoy this, check out Knucklehead.

Fun as hell. The good kind of hell.

P.S. Merry post-Christmas-pre-New-Years-no-man's-land-week aka eye of the storm


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